STRANGE DAYS INDEED – What I’m Thinking About Today

1. It’s Wednesday, April 22, 2015. It’s Earth Day. It’s the 51st anniversary of the opening of the New York World’s Fair.

2. Newt Gingrich is right. (Do you understand how hard it is for me to write that sentence?) The National Institutes of Health need far more funding than they’re getting. It’s a lot better — and cheaper — to try to solve medical problems than it is to treat them.

And Gingrich, in his New York Times op-ed piece today, realizes that only government can provide the financial impetus to drive medical innovation. The private sector has a hard time absorbing the costs because of the need to make a profit.

Now, if only he could see that that’s the case for lots of other problems — transportation, the environment, energy, etc. — there might be hope for him.

3. There is no link between the measles vaccine and autism, even among children who might be prone to the disorder. That’s what a study in the American Medical Association involving 100,000 children says.

I doubt it will stop the vaccine deniers, who have put the nation’s health at risk by not immunizing their kids. They’ll come up with something to downplay or dismiss the science. They’re idiots. 

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