1. Thanks to the rest of you, The Dress. And I really don’t give a damn what colors it is.

2. It’s Friday, February 27, 2015. It’s 22 days until spring. It’s 37 days until Opening Night at Wrigley Field.

3. Scott Walker apparently believes he stared down the apocalypse when 100,000 protested against his miserable policies in Wisconsin. As far as he’s concerned, how bad can ISIS be compared to a tenured teacher seeking to maintain her collective bargaining rights?

He honest-to-goodness implied that last night speaking to the True Believers at the Conservative Political Action Conference. I’m surprised they didn’t fire off their guns to show their support. (By the way, why would these people hold their annual self-lovefest in Washington, spending money in the city they profess to hate?)

This guy is vile. He has no principles other than Scott Walker and the money to which he is beholden. His cowardice in response to the Giuliani comments about President Obama last week, at a dinner where Walker was supposed to be the featured attraction, was disgraceful.

Which is probably why he’s emerging as a front runner for the Republican presidential nomination. 

4.   Looking forward to March. It starts Sunday.

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