1. It’s Thursday, August 20, 2015.

2. Remember when Republicans, led by Sarah Palin, were extolling the virtue of drilling for oil anywhere and everywhere.

Well, it appears “Drill, baby, drill!” has been replaced by “Not so fast!” The recent auction for drilling space in the Gulf of Mexico drew the lowest interest in nearly 30 years, The New York Times reports. The possibility that prices will remain low for at least the next two years has spooked the oil companies into sitting on their hands, hoping to drive the prices up by limiting the supply.

And whose victory is that? Well, as two-sided a method as it is, fracking has helped. But so has increased fuel efficiency in vehicles and the turn to alternative means of energy such as solar and batteries.

Oil companies might not like the glut, but that’s no reason we shouldn’t. 

3. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if Republican presidential candidates ignore the lower gas prices and demand such stupidity as drilling in protected areas and the Keystone XL pipeline.

4. What if the Ashley Madison data dump reveals that there were spouses who claimed to have affairs and didn’t? Just wondering. 

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