A little more than 13 weeks ago, I walked out the door at CNN.

For nearly 16 years, I edited and assigned stories, managed the CNNMoney Web site homepage and did a couple of other things as well. I worked with people whose talent left me in awe.

But the parent company made me an offer to leave that was really, really sweet. It still impresses people/makes them insanely jealous when I describe it.

And it was time to leave. I was starting to get that old-timey way of talking about how great things were back in the day that reminds the rest of the staff of how annoying their parents are, too.

Then there was the commuting. Commuting in New York is bad enough. Commuting from the part of the metropolitan area where I live is like living in the 19th century. The bus schedules are probably the same ones stagecoach lines used in 1888. The buses aren’t that much younger. I could count on three hours in transit, and knew four or five was just a jackknifed-tractor-trailer-on-The-New-Jersey-Turnpike away.

So I accepted the “voluntary separation agreement.” I said a long “Goodbye.” And thought about what I’d do next.

This is item number one.

Because CNN frowns upon its editorial employees spouting off on what CNN covers, I had to restrain myself. I had to resist comment online concerning topics and issues that everyone else felt free to say whatever-the-hell they wanted about. Elections. Controversies. Crises. I could talk about it with my family, my friends and even with my colleagues. But not publicly. Not on social media. Not in a blog. Not in a campaign.

That’s over.

That’s what Subjectism is supposed to do. It’s part sounding off, part therapy and all making up for lost time. There are so many things that interest/excite/bother me, and the opportunity to write about them is too much to resist.

Plus it seems only fair to let all the people whose copy I’ve edited over the years take comparable shots at me.

At the very least, I plan a 5-item thoughts-of-the-day post each weekday. There will also be single-item posts as the mood hits me.

At heart, most editors believe they are the best writers they know. This is my chance to test that.

Tell me what you think. I look forward to your comments as this blog makes its way into the Internet maelstrom.


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