No, it’s not.

So why is this Web site called Subjectism?

The original name was supposed to be The Subject Is M…, and every topic would begin with the letter M. Being that I’m Mark M. Meinero, I have an affinity for the letter.

But I registered the site as, not And the letter M is not as topic friendly as I originally thought — unless I wanted every other post to be entitled “My, etc.”

So then I had to think about justifying “Subjectism.”

And here’s how I do it (wish me luck!):

I really don’t want to write about personalities or trivialities. (I’m sure I’ll slip into it) I want to write about real issues, real things that happen. Bruce Jenner’s current gender doesn’t interest me. The fact that President Obama mentioned the rights of transgendered people in the State of the Union address does.

Plus, there’s the idea of making up a word. That, I like.

So we’ll try this. I’m sure there’s some other name I can come up with if this doesn’t work. But this sounds right to me for now.


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