1) It’s Monday, January 26, 2015. It’s 6 days until the Super Bowl, 21 days until Presidents Day and 54 days until spring.

2) I’m especially thinking about spring. The New York metropolitan area is about to get nailed with what could be the worst snowstorm in its history. 1888. 1947. Fuggedaboudit. So spring can’t come fast enough for this scribe.

3) The folks at Five-Thirty-Eight point out that, should the blizzard forecasts prove accurate, six of the 10 biggest snowstorms in New York’s history will have occurred since 2000. 

Now, I’m willing to guarantee some TV scholar or wisecracking lawmaker will use this fact as evidence that global warming is bunk.

And the problem is that calling it “global warming” has actually minimized what’s going on. It’s “climate change,” and anyone with eyes and a little sense of history knows what that means. It’s not just the fact that snowstorms, thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like are bigger than they used to be, but big storms happen more frequently than they did when I was younger. It seems as though we get into these patterns that produce these massive weather events, and that poses a safety risk for millions of people.

4)  Donald Trump is apparently ticked off that “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd scoffed at the idea that Trump is “seriously” considering a presidential run. 

Actually, Mr. Todd and I should both be ashamed of ourselves.

Putting “Donald Trump” and “seriously” in the same sentence — as I did in the first sentence of this section — is a violation of reason and sensibility, no matter what the context. It insults people’s intelligence. I apologize.

5) A new documentary on sexual assault at the nation’s leading campuses is creating a buzz at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s great that “The Hunting Ground” (whose backers include my former employer, CNN) can focus attention on this issue.

I’m looking forward to seeing it when CNN airs it sometime this year.

The Rolling Stone article about the University of Virginia that created such a furor late last year was a setback for those who believe this problem is a scourge. By not talking to anyone at the fraternity in question, the writer and editors left questions about the credibility of the young woman who was the story’s subject. That stunk.

I have no sympathy for a mindset that sees young women as prizes, commodities or notches on a belt. I want the film’s producers and backers to make an ironclad case against that mentality and rout it from every campus in the nation. And what I don’t want is some well-lawyered fraternity or sports program to come back and say, “They didn’t give us a fair shake. They never talked to us. We weren’t allowed to give our side.”

Let them give their side, as distasteful as it would be. I have no doubt young women who make accusations will be tarred as someone less than idyllic.

But sexual activity without informed, clear-headed consent is rape. Let that truth prevail, and if those accused choose to sully a young woman’s reputation instead of explain their own conduct, hold their goddamn feet to the fire.


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