1. It’s Tuesday, February 17, 2015. I used to think February went quickly. The lousy weather this month is making me think otherwise.

2. A federal district court judge in Texas has blocked implementation of President Obama’s executive action on immigration. The governor of Texas and other coconuts who can’t see the idiocy of not solving the nation’s immigration issues are crowing about how the rule of law has been upheld. Hopefully, federal judges who actually give a hoot about justice and compassion will throw this ruling in the trash can where it belongs. 

3. It’s hard to believe that any reasonable person of the faith would buy into Benjamin Netanyahu’s idea that European Jews should leave their homelands for Israel. That seems like giving the Nazis a compromise victory.

The people committing atrocities in Paris and Copenhagen were losers who hid behind the cloak of Islam. Like other losers before them, they found a convenient scapegoat. It is the responsibility of non-Jews everywhere to make sure anti-Semitism is flushed into the toilet. If Jews aren’t safe in any country, no one else is either. And a society without the contribution of its Jewish members is a poor one.  

4.   Egypt’s response to ISIS’ beheading of its citizens who were Coptic Christians is a reminder that civilization isn’t merely divided by religion. There are nations, whose citizens have a right to travel the world freely and in peace. And there are standards of decent behavior that run across all lines of faith.

      What’s happening in Libya should also remind those who want Muslims to “speak out.” ISIS is a perversion, and does not represent Islam in any way. Giving it the mantle of “Islamist” is far more respect than it deserves. 

5.   I hope the folks south of here are coping with the latest blast of this rotten winter. I’m sympathetic to a point, because right now, I’m going to clear my driveway of the latest inch of snow. 


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