1. It’s Monday, February 16, 2015. It’s 33 days until spring, 46 days until Opening Night at Wrigley Field, and who knows when until it’s warm again.

2. It’s Presidents Day. That, by the way, is the AP style for the holiday, which makes no sense to me — it’s either President’s Day in honor of each individual president or Presidents’ Day in honor of all of them.

3. I just finished a terrific biography of Woodrow Wilson by A. Scott Berg. There are some interesting parallels between Wilson and President Obama, who might be the two brightest guys who ever inhabited the Oval Office. 

4. Just to be clear, here’s the foreign policy of the Speaker of the House: We will meddle in Israel’s election process. We don’t care if we fund the people who keep America safe. It’s really just that simple. 

5. I’m definitely on board with John Oliver’s campaign to get tobacco pusher Philip Morris International to adopt Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat as its mascot. If you think legal bullying of small countries by a multinational tobacco merchant is obscene, the hashtag Oliver promoted on his HBO show last night is #JeffWeCan. 


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