1. It’s Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

2. It’s going to snow again today. That stinks.

3. Remember how John McCain held Gen. David Petraeus up as the citadel of integrity and honor. How he is a “genuine American hero.”

That hero just copped a plea. He pleaded guilty to a charge of mishandling classified material, which he gave to impress a woman who wasn’t his wife.

That eliminates the “hero” thing on two counts. Petraeus faces a possible year-long prison term, although I’m betting that doesn’t happen.

4. My guess is that, when she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton knew she might run for President. And given what happened when her husband had the job, she must have known that people opposed to her — and she knew there were a lot of them — would find any way they could to get at her.

So what the hell was she thinking if, as the New York Times reports, she violated government rules by using private e-mail as Secretary of State? That no one would come looking for her correspondence about whatever stupid thing?

You just have to shake your head sometimes.

I’m not sure Clinton and her people have a quick antidote. But they sure should get it out there. Fast. 


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