1. It’s Wednesday, March 4, 2015. On this day in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn in as the nation’s 32nd President.

2. It snowed last night. It’s going to snow again tonight. Does it ever end?

3. Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington seemed a lot like when a big storm comes through. In both instances, you have to assess the damage.

In this case, the question is whether the world is more or less safe now that Netanyahu has told Congress and the American people that you can’t trust the waif who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (That waif, for those with short memories, is the guy who put Osama bin-Laden out of business.)

Will the United States and Iran come to some sort of agreement to limit Tehran’s nuclear advancement that is better than no agreement at all? And if they do, after Netanyahu’s grandstanding for the professional Obama haters, can a deal get past the Republican eafs in Congress?

What Netanyahu says he wants is for us to negotiate a better deal with people he doesn’t trust to honor any deal. Which means he really doesn’t want any deal, which really doesn’t leave anybody anywhere.

Of course, what Netanyahu left unsaid was what the United States should do when it has walked away from making a deal with Iran. If he wants the American people to support a military adventure in that part of the world — as he did a decade ago in Iraq — he should say so clearly. Because that’s the option on the table, and I don’t know of too many Americans — other than Dick Cheney and those suffering from his affliction — who think that’s a good idea. 


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