1. It’s Thursday, July 30, 2015.

2. A guy who spews the crap that flows from Fabulous Donny Trump’s mouth, or is responsible for as many architectural nightmares, is on shaky ground when he calls anything “disgusting.” Especially when it’s a woman trying to feed her kid in the way that she’s biologically capable. 

3. What happened at Citi Field last night is a precautionary tale of 21st century media.

If you were a Mets fan on Twitter, you saw events unfold. Tweets that the Mets, hoping to grab a playoff spot, were on the verge of making a trade for a good hitter. Tweets that the hitter was Carlos Gomez, a former Met who’s now a star outfielder with the Milwaukee Brewers. Tweets that the Mets were sending back pitcher Zach Wheeler, currently recovering from Tommy John surgery, and outfielder Juan Lagares, whose bobblehead was given away by the team three weeks ago. Tweets that it was not Wheeler and Lagares, it was Wheeler and Wilmer Flores, who started the year playing shortstop.

Met fans around the world saw the tweets. Met fans in Citi Field saw the tweets.

So who didn’t see the tweets? Wilmer Flores, the 23-year-old guy who supposedly was about to have his life upended. Who got a standing ovation from fans in a blowout loss because they knew what he didn’t. And Terry Collins, the Mets’ manager, who couldn’t understand why his shortstop was crying in the middle of the field.

Eventually, the Mets’ front office disclosed that there was no trade. It appears one of the teams backed out at the last minute.

What’s strange is that the Internet has sped up word of mouth to the point that if somebody jumps the gun on an announcement, you have the bizarre spectacle of last night. When the news becomes a 23-year-old shortstop in tears because everyone else knows something — or thought they knew something — about him before he did.

Flores was not in the Mets’ starting lineup today against San Diego. He probably needs a day off. I sure as hell would.

4. A University of Cincinnati police officer has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in connection with the slaying of a motorist earlier this month.

Of course, the officer is Caucasian and the motorist is African-American.

What brought about the indictment is a body camera on the officer showing that his claim that the motorist was aggressive and posed a threat was bogus. “It was an asinine, senseless shooting,” the prosecuting attorney says.

Unfortunately, especially of late, it’s not an isolated incident. The fact that the case is being pursued with vigor is of little consolation. The fact is, despite all the incidents from Ferguson to Staten Island to North Charleston to Baltimore, this crap is still happening.

If Fabulous Donny really wants to see something disgusting, he should watch this video.

I’ll have more to say about this next week. 


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