It’s Friday, July 31, 2015. Here are this Friday’s ten questions with writer-supplied yes or no answers.

Q1. Is it me, or did July fly by?

A1. Yes

Q2. Is it true that there’s no crying in baseball?

A2. No 

Q3. If the clueless Minnesota dentist who hunted down the protected lion violated U.S. law as well, should he be extradited to Zimbabwe?

A3. Yes 

Q4. Is there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that, at age 67, I’m going to the Winter Olympics in Beijing?

A4. No 

Q5. Is it too bad that Taliban leader Mullah Omar died in his bed and not in one of the violent manners of death he unleashed on the poor people of Afghanistan?

A5. Yes 

Q6. Is Frank Bruni the best columnist in The New York Times’ stable?

A6. Yes 

Q7. Does Hillary Clinton and her husband make it hard sometimes to be enthusiastic about her run for the White House?

A7. Yes 

Q8. Is there any doubt that Fabulous Donny Trump will be the main attraction at next week’s Republican presidential debate?

A8. No 

Q9. When I see the full moon tonight, will I try to sing The Marcels’ version of the song “Blue Moon”?

A9. Yes

Q10. Is a good review in The New York Times enough to convince me to see the remake of “Vacation”?

A10. No 

Have a nice weekend!


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