It’s September 4, 2015 and time once again for Friday Yes or No, my weekly attempt to be clever using just the words “yes” and “no.” (All right, there’s a bunch of words leading up to the yes or no, but let’s not nitpick.)

Q1: Did President Obama give what used to be Mt. McKinley in Alaska the Kenyan name for mountain?

A1: No

Q2: Is Kenyan a language?

A2: No

Q3: Did Barbara Mikulski give herself a great retirement gift by making the world a safer place this week?

A3: Yes

Q4: Will the picture of the body of a Syrian toddler washed up on a beach in Turkey begin to change people’s hearts about the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Africa?

A4: Yes

Q5: Is the Save The Children Web site a good place to send donations to help the thousands of children displaced by war? 

A5: Yes

Q5: Should anybody be surprised that Donny Trump is clueless about who’s who in the Middle East? 

A5: No

Q6: Is it surprising that a thought-to-be conservative judge is the one who put the Rowan County, Ky., clerk in jail for failing to license same-sex marriages?

A6: No

Q7: Is that because the definition of a conservative judge would be one who adheres to the letter of the law?

A7: Yes

Q8: Is there any good guy in this whole NFL-Tom Brady-deflated football mishegas?

A8: No

Q9: Does Scott Walker seem like the type of guy who has any patience for celebrating Labor Day?

A9: No

Q10: Should we really thank organized labor for the fact that we’re celebrating this Labor Day weekend?

A10: Yes!


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