1. It’s Thursday, October 29, 2015.

2. Three years ago today, Superstorm Sandy made life miserable for folks in these parts. Lives were lost, property was destroyed or damaged and the general state of things in the area was godawful.

I’m not sure what was learned from the storm. I’d like to think that if the same thing happens again, we won’t be so disrupted for so long.

But the power lines are still above ground. And it’s the same utility company that wasn’t especially responsive in 2012.

The consolation is that no one remembers another storm quite like Sandy. So maybe there won’t be anything quite as bad again in my lifetime. Then again, since I’m not a climate change denier, I’m not that optimistic.

3. I didn’t watch the Republican debate last night, being preoccupied with the Mets (more on that later).

But from what I’ve gleaned from watching and hearing clips, CNBC violated one of the interviewing rules I gave my introduction to journalism: don’t ask questions aimed at drawing attention to what you know instead of questions designed to draw out the candidates’ positions.

Arguing with the candidates about how your research shows that their idea is bogus seems bogus in itself. By doing that, you give the candidates the opportunity to deflect any serious questions you have and elicit undeserved sympathy.

The Republicans seem to be able to find ways to entertain audiences with their wackiness without needing enablement from the news organizations that are supposed to hold their feet to the fire.

4. I’m writing this in the middle of Rockland Lake State Park because, when I started, it was this unseasonably warm and sunny day. Now, alas, it’s this:


5. This perhaps is a metaphor for how Mets fans feel today after our team didn’t cover itself with glory in the first two games of the World Series.

To be fair, the Kansas City Royals are pretty good.

But I don’t care about them. I care about the Mets. I have loved this run that has put them in the Series for the first time in 15 years.

This has been special for me not just because the Mets have won – it’s also the year that my former CNNMoney colleagues gave me a 10-game ticket plan as a retirement gift. So this is about the present and the past, and the vibe that such a generous gift leaves in a heart.

Perhaps it’s greedy to want more. But you sometimes you don’t get things unless you try for them.

So even though they’re down 2-0 and looked bad last night losing, I still believe these guys can win. That’s partly because my heart has no other real option. We all die soon enough. Might as well hang in there and celebrate life.

That explains today’s title. It’s disputed that John Paul Jones told the captain of a British ship that “I have not yet begun to fight” when asked to surrender during the revolution.

But there’s no dispute about this from me and my fellow true blue-and-orange Mets fans: We have not yet begun to fight.


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