1. It’s Monday, November 2, 2015.

2. In Mexico, today is Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a day when families commemorate the passing of loved ones in their lives. Like tequila and good tortillas, this is another great idea from our friends south of the border.

Sure, we think of people we’ve lost all the time. But to have a day dedicated to thinking about them seems like an excellent idea. I hope it’s a day of peace and fondness for those who celebrate.

3. I saw “Bridge of Spies” this weekend and thought it was a decent, workman-like film. But what struck me were the scenes when Tom Hanks’ character was passing to and from East Berlin as the wall was being built, and how East German soldiers shot anyone trying to escape to the West.

It was a reminder that this is sort of what Donny Trump wants with Mexico, probably complete with the snipers shooting at anyone trying to cross in from Mexico. That way, Americans can be as reviled in the second half of the 21st century as the East Germans are in this film.

4. Tomorrow is Election Day in many places. When I asked the students in my Journalism class how many of them planned to vote, not a single hand was raised.

So here’s my diatribe:

Local elections are the minor leagues of races for higher office. Politicians who make it through these ranks get to run for jobs with more recognition and power. So not paying attention to these races means a lot of crappy people get a chance to get a job paid for by your taxes. If there’s any kind of scrutiny at all, perhaps it would leave public office for those who can pass muster.

So vote tomorrow. It’s a couple of minutes, but it’s worth your time. If we don’t vote, we get the political figures we deserve, and have no right to badmouth.

5. I was sitting in the middle deck of Citi Field down the right field line when I saw an amazing sight: the instant that summer became winter.

I didn’t think to look at the clock, but I’m guessing it was sometime around 11 p.m. That’s when Lucas Duda’s throw to home trying to nail the Royals’ Eric Hosmer sailed away from Mets’ catcher Travis d’Arnaud. Instead of a 2-1 Mets’ win, the fifth game of the World Series was tied.

At that moment, a frost filled the air and it seemed as though there was snow on the ground. You could almost see the icicles hanging on the arc of the ball’s errant path. The Royals won about 90 minutes later, and baseball’s summer was now a bitter winter.

But it was a really, really cool summer — and the last words echoing through the stairways of Citi Field, a heartfelt “Let’s Go Mets” chant, will ring all the way to spring training.


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