1. It’s Monday, November 16, 2015.

2. November is now more than half over. Thanksgiving is next week. Christmas is 39 days away.

3. Republican presidential candidates and media types seem bothered by President Obama’s refusal to use the term “radical Islam” in describing the losers behind the Paris terror attacks.

So let me explain it to them.

There are guys who rob banks wearing New York Yankee hats. You see the interlocking NY in the mug shots.

Are they “criminal Yankee fans?” Does being a Yankee fan inherently make you prone to supporting criminal activity? Should the “good” Yankee fans have to reiterate that they’re not looking to rob every bank in America?

The fact is that the guys wearing the hats have nothing to do with liking or disliking the New York Yankees. They have everything to do with being losers.

More seriously, there are groups and individuals in this country that promote hate and horror. The Ku Klux Klan. Westboro Baptist Church. Warren Jeffs.

We do not call that “radical Christianity.” We do not believe all Christians need to stand up as Christians and make clear that they do not support such hatred and miscreant behavior. We don’t see any need to restrict the building of churches or the wearing of crucifix medals or even putting one of those fish things on the back of their car.

The same applies to Islam. The creatures who brought fear and death to Paris may have claimed to have done so in the religion’s name.

But here’s the thing. The jackasses and those in the Middle East who support them are not the least bit interested in promoting the word of the prophet Muhammad or anything else in support of Islam.

Instead, they’re the losers of society. They felt some slight at some point in their life and decided the world would pay for it, and now they’ve joined others who feel the same way. Instead of respecting woman, as Muslims do, they justify rape. Instead of co-existing with the religions that formed Islam’s foundation, Judaism and Christianity, they seek to obliterate them.

Worst of all, as horrific as the atrocities committed in Paris were, they still pale in comparison to what these pillbugs do to people who worship Allah and adhere to Muhammad’s teachings.

Their trail of bloodshed has killed thousands of devout Muslims through the Middle East and Africa. In Beirut, Nairobi, Baghdad, Cairo, or wherever. They didn’t give a damn who they were killing.

It’s convenient for the losers to hide behind Islam because of the frictions of the world. And it certainly would help if there was some real effort to resolve differences, particularly in the Middle East, that would allow all people of goodwill and different faiths to live in peace.

But calling what these losers practice Islam, even with the descriptive “radical,” is an insult to people who are Moslems. And those Moslems don’t need to take some kind of special role in the fight against this crap. They and we just need to understand that we are brothers and sisters. That people who worship differently still share humanity, and an appreciation of what’s good and beautiful in the world. We just need to work together, and try to understand and respect our differences.

The people who committed the Paris attacks, who inspire other fellow losers around the world, seek a world of nothing. Hate and rejection, perceived or otherwise, has made them lash at everyone and everything.

That’s really not that much different from those who preach hatred in the United States. Hatred toward people of color, women, people of different languages and nationalities and religions and sexual orientation.

All of them fall under the same title. And it has nothing to do with Christianity or Islam.

It’s about being a loser.


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