1. It’s Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

2. Who do you think will be the first Republican presidential candidate to propose internment camps for Moslems? My money’s on Ted Cruz.

3. As of now, 27 governors say they won’t let Syrian refugees into their state. The 26 idiot Republicans and one idiot Democrat who are an embarrassment to themselves and their states think that stopping these refugees will foil terrorism on U.S. soil.

As if.

The only they accomplish is give the pillbugs behind Friday’s horror in Paris a propaganda victory. You see, they can see, America is at war with Islam. You can flee, but they hate you, is what these bastards can say. For the weakest, it’s an easy excuse to align with evil.

The truth is that the vetting of refugees has been intense and slow-going. It takes more than a year for someone fleeing the Syrian nightmare to find sanctuary in the United States. Stopping those who want to come here is a heartbreaking and horrible renunciation of all that this country has stood for.

All these governors are doing is giving comfort to the enemy. It is “shameful,” as President Obama said yesterday.

On the other hand, I’m not sure anyone trying to get away from a nation run by Bashar al-Assad would feel a rush of freedom in a state run by Greg Abbott or Scott Walker.

4. Yesterday, I made the analogy that the Paris terrorists are to Islam what bank robbers wearing Yankee caps are to Yankee fans.

The more I think about this, the more I think ISIS and its dupes around the world are like SPECTRE, the evil enterprise that James Bond is constantly trying to foil. While ISIS tries to hide behind selected parts of Islam, it is really just a band of boobs trying to terrorize the planet. Like SPECTRE, I suspect its ultimate goal is some sort of world control; Islam is a convenient cover.

Alas, it will probably take more than one James Bond to wipe out these jerks. But if the world looks at it that way – and understands that ISIS has harmed Muslims the most – it might be easier to coalesce and get rid of them.


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