1. It’s Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

2. In 366 days – remember, this is a leap year – there will be a new president.

3. If Sarah Palin gets her way, taking the oath of office on this day in 2017 will be Donald J. Trump. It would be mind boggling but, alas, minds are not something in abundance when people say that Sarah Palin will convince them to vote for Donald J. Trump.

At first, I wondered why. That didn’t last long. He’s the biggest show in the Republican Party, so she gets a chance to amplify her shrill voice on a big stage. It’s the glory days of 2008 again, without any tempering whatsoever from John McCain – in fact, her chosen candidate of 2016 believes the man who picked her to run for vice president is a loser because he spent more than five years as a prisoner of war.

For him, she gives him more immunity with the extremists – I’m reluctant to dignify these people with the word “conservative” because there’s nothing restrained about them – who might still be worried that Trump actually spoke to Hillary Clinton once without pushing her down. In a close race in Iowa, that might give him a little something extra to combat the organization Ted Cruz appears to have.

How will the Palin embrace of Trump affect the campaign? That, as my mentor Charlie Morey would say, is why they run the horse race. No one knows for sure. But we’ll certainly find out within the next 366 days.

4. The two go back a few years. Jon Stewart went to town one night in 2011 by showing Trump escorting Palin and her family for pizza in Times Square.

Here, according to Stewart – and, by the way, God – is what Trump did wrong:

a) He took the Palins to a chain pizzeria with locations in airports nationwide instead of an iconic or typical NYC place;

b) he stacked his slices. Nobody – I mean nobody – does that. That’s ridiculous;

and c) he ate the pizza with a fork! Whatever side you are on in the New York-Chicago pizza battle (I’m with NYC, but confess to having liked the pizza when visiting my second hometown), you agree that the New York type is eaten by hand or else you look like an idiot.

Prediction: The laughs will just keep coming.

5. Some thoughts about the snowstorm we’re expecting in my part of the nation:

— Phooey.

— My boycott of The Weather Channel means I will not know until it shows up on social media what stupid name it has given this storm. My boycott stems from the fact that WINTER STORMS DON’T HAVE NAMES! This is just a marketing ploy. Calling a storm Odin or Elektra doesn’t make it more memorable.

— If you want to know about the snowstorm without Weather Channel or any channel hype, I’m a huge fan of the National Weather Service’s social media outreach.

I woke up at 7 a.m. to see a thorough, honest forecast from the NWS New York office that gives me a fair idea of what the people who follow this expect. I follow on both Twitter and Facebook, and you can follow whatever branch of the service is near you, or even follow the entire region where you live.

It’s what I’ll use the next few days as I try to coax this dopey storm to sea – something the NWS says remains a small possibility.


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