1. It’s Tuesday, January 26, 2016. A week from today, it will be February. Finally.

2. It snowed a lot this past weekend here in the northern suburbs. But on Long Island, they got real snow. Two feet in some of the places I saw. And heavily traveled roads, including the Long Island Expressway, remained partly unplowed two days after the storm.

The good news is that it’s above freezing throughout much of the snowbound area. The bad news is that, at night, it gets below freezing and all those stupid wet puddles turn into ice slicks.

Moral of the story: Be careful out there!

3. It’s this simple: If Donald Trump cowers at the sight of Megyn Kelly, what the hell will he do when he shares a room with Vladimir Putin? Hassan Rouhani? Hillary Clinton?

I’m not a Fox News fan and the Ailewives who work there could care less what I think. But they’ve got to stand up to him. If Megyn Kelly is Fox’s go-to for a Republican debate, the network has to show its support. If not, why does she work there?

4. The best news story of 2016 so far has to be the fact that a grand jury in Houston, ostensibly sicced on Planned Parenthood by Republicans looking for political gain, instead indicted the jackasses who made videos attempting to frame the organization. The two face a charge of tampering with a governmental record and another related to purchasing human organs.

These two used fake licenses in a meeting with Planned Parenthood in which they tried to entrap the organization into illegally selling body parts from aborted fetuses. That’s not according to me. That’s according to the indictment from a grand jury convened by Republicans in Texas.

These so-called anti-abortion activists now face 20 years in prison. Planned Parenthood, which does all kinds of wonderful work to protect people’s health, faces nothing – at least until Republicans in Texas find something else they can try to trump up.

The worthless sack of feathers and dust known as Mike Huckabee was incensed by the indictment – how could these patriots face jail time, he asked, while people who perform abortions walk free? Because he’s a worthless sack of feathers and dust, it’s probably hard for him to understand that abortion remains legal in the United States and, with continued diligence, will remain so.

And if it doesn’t remain legal, abortion will continue unabated and become far more dangerous because women who don’t want to carry to full term for whatever reason will find a way to end a pregnancy.

Good job by the grand jury and by the lawyers for Planned Parenthood.


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