1. It’s Wednesday, March 30, 2016.

2. Why is anyone surprised that Donald Trump now says he might not support the Republican presidential nominee if it’s not Donald Trump?

And it’s not only because Donald Trump has no real concept of loyalty beyond Donald Trump.

I can’t stand the man and, like John Oliver suggested a few weeks back, I’m waiting for time travelers from the future to come back to 2015 and stop the Trump movement before it starts.

But as the Republican Party apparatchik have made abundantly clear, they don’t want this guy to be their presidential candidate. And they are feverishly looking for a way to stop him.

Now, in recent weeks, Trump’s done a pretty good job of shooting himself in the foot. More on that later. But he remains the front-runner, and just about 500 delegates shy of a first-ballot nomination in Cleveland.

If he gets there and he’s close, how can you stop him? The only way you can do it is to gang up on him with everyone else.

And then he’s supposed to support these people? I don’t understand the logic. A bunch of guys mug you in a dark Ontario Street alley and you’re supposed to say, oh yes, everybody support them.

Keep in mind that Trump is not the only one who has backed off the pledge of supporting the party’s nominee. In the same CNN town hall, Ted Cruz and John Kasich did the same thing.

Is this a mess, a three-way divorce? You betcha, as potential third-party candidate Sarah Palin might say.

3. A couple of weeks back, I speculated that Trump might not have originally wanted to be President. Why would he take a job that requires him to answer to 320-million-plus Americans, many of whom don’t even live in a Trump apartment?

Since he solidified his hold on front-runner status in the Republican race, there are some signs that maybe I wasn’t too far off.

That foreign policy interview in The New York Times. I don’t have a lot of respect for Trump. But he does have a college degree – from a pretty good school. So he should have at least an idea how clueless he came off. Actually, anyone with the ability to read should have an idea about how clueless he came off.

Then there’s his reaction yesterday to the arrest of his campaign manager on charges that he assaulted a female reporter.

If Trump really wanted to be President, the campaign manager would have been canned, pronto. Instead, he defended the guy and made crazy statements about the woman who was allegedly assaulted. “Wouldn’t you think she would have yelled out a scream if she had bruises on her arm,” he said.

I just wonder if he’s getting a little tired of this game he’s been playing. He wanted to see how far he could go.

Now he knows. Time to go back to his Florida crib and work on his tan. Let the Republicans take care of themselves.


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