1. It’s Monday, April 4, 2016.

2. It’s snowing! Damn!

3.In election years, I like to hold what I call the Highway Primary. It’s a simple counting of bumper stickers to see which presidential candidate is generating the most support among drivers.

Over the weekend, I took a short road trip to one of my favorite places, Mystic, Conn. It’s about 130 miles away up Interstate 95.

And even though the whole trip was in deep blue country, the Highway Primary should mitigate some of that because of all the travelers from other parts hitting the Interstates to go somewhere.

But of all the cars and trucks I saw in two days on the road, only three had bumper stickers – I didn’t count the truck that had FEEL THE BERN cleaned off an otherwise filthy back door.

And all three stickers were supporting Sanders. None for anyone else. No pick-ups with “Make America Great Again.” No H logos.

In the past, by this point, the Obama stickers would be in double digits. In both runs. And there would have been a few Romney stickers and the occasional McCain – in 2008 – or Ron Paul.

This is completely unscientific. But it is a curiosity. How does a campaign that generates so much attention manage to have little of that reflected in the people who decide? Are people turned off, or are they just not interested yet?

Perhaps it’s true that people don’t really focus on a presidential election until after Labor Day. Or even after the World Series – although nowadays that wouldn’t give you a lot of time.


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