1. It’s Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

2. It’s my amazingly talented and hard-working daughter’s 25th birthday. May 24, 1991 is one of the happiest days of my life, and everything that’s happened in the quarter-century since reaffirms that.

3. It’s also the 75th birthday of Bob Dylan.

Now, Dylan isn’t one of my idols. If I wanted to listen to a single artist or group for an entire day, I’d listen to the Beatles or Bruce Springsteen.

But Dylan is interesting. I’m sure there’s someone better equipped than I to expound on his virtues and contribution to 20th century music. All I know is that there are a lot of really good songs on the Dylan playlist.

While I’m still trying to figure out exactly what “Tangled Up in Blue” is about, I love listening to it.

4. Bernie Sanders has his victory. The Democrats gave him five seats on the 15-member platform committee for the July convention. This gives him a say in how the party positions itself in the general election.

No, platforms ain’t what they used to be. The Republicans generally try to hide their platform because it usually contains some ideas too odious to sell to a national electorate; for example, their presidential candidates try to avoid the abortion plank because it’s likely to turn off a majority of women.

The Democrats aren’t much better at this. That said, getting the party to at least acknowledge your viewpoint on an issue is no small deal.

So the Sanders people can weigh in on the party’s position on income inequality and political contributions – the two issues on which the Vermont senator has staked his claim.

And if the wording is more Sandersian than it would have been, that’s how change comes.

5. I hope Sen. Sanders is happy about this. He’s not the party’s nominee. That’s Hillary Clinton. Now he has to come around, once the primaries end, to support her and advance his positions on these issues; no one should be saying that he needs to tone anything down on those matters.

The debate – if there’s any, and I’m not sure it’s that profound a difference – can come once the menace of Donald Trump is no longer a flicker of a possibility.

So, congratulations, Sen. Sanders! Try to accept your win gracefully.


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