1. It’s Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

2. It’s currently 87 degrees here in the suburbs north of New York. I’m lovin’ it. Been waiting for a day like this for months.

3. I can’t imagine being Matt Harvey today.

A little more than six months ago, 44,000-plus Mets fans almost brought down Citi Field beseeching manager Terry Collins to let Harvey pitch the ninth inning against Kansas City. He had thrown eight scoreless innings, and looked like the hero Mets fans needed to get the team to Game Six of the World Series.

Collins ignored his instinct and went with the sentiment in the ballpark. It didn’t work. The Royals tied the game in the ninth, won it a few innings later and claimed their world championship.

Harvey hasn’t looked so good since. He has lost three of his first 10 decisions this season and not looked good in the process. After getting shelled by Washington last week in New York, he was booed off the field. Last night, he pitched three OK innings before the Nationals socked three homers in the next two innings.

The tabloid backpages are merciless. So are the bandwagon fans who just got to Flushing after all those years in the Bronx.

But the Mets aren’t giving up, and I like that idea. This is a young man who, when he’s right, is one of the toughest pitchers in baseball.

Something’s not right, and sending him to the minors or to the bullpen won’t bring his confidence or ability back. He’s still in the recovery stage from Tommy John surgery, and maybe his problems stem from that.

If he’s hurt, then by all means sit him down. Let him recover. But if he’s not, he’s got to pitch his way out of it. And real Mets fans, like the good folks at the 7 Line Army, will be patient. The Mets are going to have a hard time getting back to the World Series without Matt Harvey, so let’s give him a chance to straighten himself out.

4. The battle between him and her is on.

Yes, the him is Donald Trump. No, the her isn’t Hillary Clinton.

It’s Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts.

Truth be told, Warren is the real darling of the left side of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders ran for President because she didn’t.

She was front-and-center during the financial crisis, trying to figure out who did what and coming up with ways to make sure it didn’t happen again. She came up with the idea of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency aimed at helping consumers cope with complications and trickery involving their money.

Warren hasn’t endorsed anyone in the Democratic race. But if this week makes anything clear, it’s that she is driven to make sure Hillary Clinton is the next President – if only to make certain that Trump isn’t.

Since Trump since became the presumptive Republican nominee earlier this month, Warren has been dueling him with his weapon of choice: Twitter. The two have engaged in protracted tweet wars, with Warren blasting Trump for his positions on financial reform and income inequality.

Last night, Warren delivered a speech to the Center for Popular Democracy that hit hard at Trump’s statements, including one in which he bragged about making money in the financial crisis. Watch here.

Trump, for his part, has shown his irritation by calling Warren “Pocahontas.” That’s in reference to the “scandal” Republicans uncovered that the senator has said she has some Cherokee blood. Of course, there’s no indication she received any favoritism in hiring because of this. And, of course, the real Pocahontas wasn’t a Cherokee, so Trump’s understanding of people who aren’t from Queens remains muddy.

5. This may just be a taste of what Trump faces as the most despicable presidential nominee in American history.

President Obama warmed up for him at Rutgers last week, and there are others who could deliver body blows (right now, for instance, I’m listening to a song by Bruce Springsteen. Just a hint, Bruce).

Will they work? Well, Warren definitely did get under Trump’s skin this week. And the Pocahontas retort is going to get tired fast.

One thing is certain. Those who find Trump and his supporters a sickness of American life can’t do nothing. We can’t be the Germans or Italians who stood by and didn’t think it was important to stop Hitler and Mussolini.

Give him hell, Liz!


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