1. It’s Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

2. Yesterday’s attack that killed 41 people at Istanbul’s airport was horrific, but hardly unique. It is similar to the attacks that have killed dozens in Brussels and Paris in the past year, and all are odious to anyone with even a trace of humanity.

But what the Turks seem to be noticing today is that while there have been condemnations of the attack from around the world, there doesn’t seem to be the outpouring of sympathy and rage that follows attacks in western Europe.

And yet, what happened in Istanbul is much more representative of the evil confronting the civilized world, and why it’s really important that politicians in the West follow President Obama’s example and not equate the attackers with Islam.

Right now, there’s an assumption that the vermin who committed this atrocity were backed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State. ISIS – or Daesh, the name the group itself hates, which makes me wonder why we don’t use it more often – hasn’t claimed responsibility for the attack. That’s unusual, because it took credit for the Orlando nightclub shooting even though evidence points to Omar Mateen being a sick jackass acting alone.

But whoever did this, for whatever reason, wasn’t striking a blow for Islam and against infidels. Because most of the victims in Istanbul were Muslims, traveling during the start of the final week of Ramadan.

In fact, despite the wailing of the Trumps and others who see a war against Christianity, most terrorism committed by people claiming to be Muslims is against other Muslims. It’s not even close. 

4. Whoever did this didn’t give a damn whether or not the people in the airport were Sunni or Shiite. They didn’t give a damn, period.

They’re nihilist thugs. Giving them any kind of credence by calling them rebels or radical Islamists gains them more credit than they ever deserve.

They have no legitimate grievances. They have no noble or religious purpose. They’re evil because they can be. They’re losers in life who have hidden behind some gang colors and want some sort of domination. When they can’t have that, they want to show that they can disrupt the peace of people who are not nearly as miserable as they are.

So yes, I feel as bad today as I did in November when Paris was devastated and in March when it happened in Brussels. That it happened in Istanbul, with mostly Muslims involved, doesn’t make it less heinous. It just shows this kind of thing for what it is – unadulterated murder.

And I hope that after the bastards blew themselves up, they were condemned to the hell they so justly deserve. 


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