1. It’s Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

2. I wasn’t planning to see the remake of “Ghostbusters.”

That’s because I rarely go to the movies at all. For lots of reasons. The biggest is one I’ll expound on one day – the fact that people have no idea how to behave in a movie theater.

But I will make an exception for “Ghostbusters.” If only because of the weird animus it has generated among some men.

They object to the idea of remaking this comedy with women in the lead roles. And so they’ve gone online to various review sites, such as IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, to trash the film – even though they haven’t seen it.

That’s preposterous.

So I’m going to go, if only to cast my dollar votes for the idea that women shouldn’t be bullied when it comes to anything – movie remakes or matters much more serious.

I’ll try to keep an open mind. That, in itself, makes me morally superior to jackasses who think badmouthing a movie with women in the lead without even seeing it proves their testosterone level.

3. Social media is buzzing about Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican convention last night, unfortunately for her.

It seems the third Mrs. Trump gave a speech that lifted whole chunks from the one Michelle Obama gave to the 2008 Democratic convention.

Plagiarism is an ugly charge, and in this case it should fall more on the people writing the speech than the deliverer.

Unless the deliverer and her husband decide, as he often has, to double down on a faux pas. That’s what Trump wanted with the neo-Nazi inspired anti-Hillary tweet about three weeks ago – he was mad that his people had withdrawn the tweet instead of letting him defend it.

If they want to defend plagiarism, then they should prepare the reap the whirlwind.

4. If there is any.

Do you think Trump supporters care about plagiarism?

They spent last night wallowing in what they perceive to be the misery of Obama’s America.

When they talk about being soft on terrorism and attempt to exploit the tragedy in Benghazi, why does no one ever ask them the question?

Who was the president who got Osama bin Laden? Who gave the order to go after the bastard in Pakistan?

Why doesn’t somebody ask Giuliani that when he foams at the mouth about the horrors of Obama? He was certainly in line for the pictures when the president went to New York right after the capture to memorialize the victims of 9/11.

Political tradition says that the way to win is to present a positive picture. That’s not how the Republicans are playing it in 2016. That’s why the next two nights of the convention are inconsequential; it’s Trump’s speech and how he frames the election that matter.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are watching, looking for how to approach the light amid the darkness of this week.


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