1. It’s Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

2. I was prepared to give Melania Trump the benefit of the doubt.

People write speeches for people like Melania Trump. So how could it be that she was the one who lifted phrases from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech for use as she addressed the barbarians pushing her husband for president?

Not so fast.

The New York Times reports that two pro speechwriters gave her a draft for the speech a month ago. All that was left of it when she delivered it was one line. Apparently, the aspiring orator in Ms. Trump decided it wasn’t good enough.

The result is the fact that people are still talking about it a day and a-half later.

A quick Google search shows plagiarism is also considered a bad thing in Slovenia, Ms. Trump’s homeland. And if she’s not smart enough to know what she doesn’t know, the fault lies with her.

And with a campaign that let that happen. Which speaks volumes about the kind of president her husband would be.

3. The Republicans in Cleveland seem to believe you can prosecute and convict people without facts or a trial.

So despite the fact that the FBI director found no cause to bring charges against her – forget the fact that you need a judge or jury to find guilt – the attendees at the convention keep shouting “Lock her up”  whenever Hillary Clinton is mentioned.

But keep this in mind. While Clinton is no longer being investigated, the Republican presidential nominee is the subject of probes into whether Trump University was a fraud.

Not to mention the fact that he refuses to reveal his income tax records so that we can see exactly how fabulously successful a businessman and charitable a human being he is.

“Lock her up” might be tame to what Trump will hear next week in Philadelphia.

4. You know the guys. The ones who treat women with a wink and a leer.

Who somehow believe they are God’s gift to them. And that women should see their advances and suggestive comments as a compliment rather than an insult.

You keep hoping those guys don’t get far in the world. But sometimes they do. Very far.

So what you hope for, if you’re someone who believes in respect and propriety for all, is that those guys eventually get their comeuppance. That, in one fell swoop, they experience something akin to the humiliation that they’ve subjected people.

It’s never enough. It’s never complete justice. It doesn’t come close to righting the wrong.

But it’s a good start.

Let’s see what kind of day Fox News chief Roger Ailes has. I hope it stinks.


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