It’s August 12, 2016, 88 days before the election, and time once again for 20 Questions Friday.

This edition will have more than its share of Olympic and Olympic-watching queries. Because, besides coping with an August heat wave, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Answer these if you choose:

— Wasn’t the “just kidding” thing that Trump’s trying to pull off about claiming President Obama founded ISIS a routine he stole from Steve Martin? Should Steve Martin sue him for plagiarism?

— Isn’t it more surprising that it took Hostess this long to come up with the home version of Deep Fried Twinkies?

— This one is inspired by my daughter: If these Olympic archers are the best in the world, why do they make so few bull’s-eyes?

— Will Trump show up at the debates?

— Why does NBC Olympics’ coverage use so many announcers with British accents?

— Is there any chance that, after tonight’s Yankee game, we never have to hear about A-Rod ever again?

— What is your favorite thing to drink in really hot weather?

— Is there something wrong with people who drink hot beverages on 105° heat index days?

— Will Simone Manuel’s thrilling Olympic win in the 100-meter freestyle encourage other African-American girls to hit the pool?

— Do female and male beach volleyball players’ skimpy outfits obscure the fact that these people are tremendous athletes in a tough sport?

— Isn’t it curious that countries with strict gun control laws, such as Germany and South Korea, are doing better in the Olympic shooting events than the United States?

— How come there’s no Olympic shooting event involving that renowned sporting weapon, the AR-15?

— Does anyone else have trouble with newer quarters not being accepted in vending machines?

— I agree that I’d rather see original movie projects over reworked remakes. But doesn’t an “Ocean’s Eight” with such terrific actors as Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham-Carter and Sandra Bullock, among others, make you a little curious?

— Speaking of movies, are you looking forward to “Southside With You,” the movie about Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date?

— Does anybody buy the Halloween stuff that’s already in stores on a 100-degree heat index day in August?

— Do you really want your kids to have Halloween candy that someone bought today?

— What are the odds that Trump will see that Hillary Clinton isn’t taking any flak from releasing her latest tax return and say, hey, that’s not so awful. I can do that?

— Is there a campaign somewhere in the Citi Field vicinity to make the Mets great again?

— Is it me, or is there something incestuous about the McDonald’s commercial with the girl who gets the Chicken McNuggets from a wide-eyed boy that turns out to be her father?


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