1. It’s Monday, August 15, 2016. It’s 85 days until the election.

2. I always root for the Americans in the Olympics. Except last night.

It’s hard to root against Usain Bolt. It’s not bragging if you can do it. And last night, fighting age and eight other guys out to stop him, he proved he’s the fastest man in the world again.

That he does it with the flair he does it makes it just that much more entertaining.

He’s the pride of his homeland (although, and this is for you, Bob Costas, he’s still no Bob Marley!) and it’s easy to understand why. Good for Jamaica. Good for Bolt.

3. Trump is unveiling his anti-terrorism plan today.

Supposedly, the plan includes a longer questionnaire that asks a potential immigrant’s intentions, including their views on “tolerance” and “pluralism,” according to The New York Times.

Which means the only people who will get past the questionnaire are the ones who will be trained by terrorist groups to get past the questionnaire. Real refugees, people looking for a better life after fleeing the horrors of Syria and Iraq, aren’t going to be particularly good as nuances of democracy.

Let’s see if Trump finds a way to turn the unveiling of his plan into yet another campaign blunder. That’s what he’s good at.

4. In a normal presidential campaign, the revelation that Trump’s campaign manager might have taken money from people accused of subverting the government of Ukraine would be a devastating blow.

But what the Times reports today about Paul Manafort probably doesn’t make Trump’s top 25 blunders.

Maybe Trump should make Manafort take his questionnaire, asking about “honesty.”


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