It’s September 16, 2016. It’s 53 days until the election and 100 days until Christmas.

And it’s Friday. Which means it’s 20 Questions Friday, my effort to put my wisdom for the week into interrogatory form. This is done for your information, your entertainment and your love of quizzes.

Here we go:

— Hey, Trump supporters and enablers, what’s the word – hint, it begins with a “c” and ends with “oward” – that describes who shifts a notable position he’s held about the President of the United States, attributes it falsely to his opponent – and then runs away from reporters without answering questions?

— Isn’t it ridiculous that any attention should be paid to Trump’s position on whether President Obama was born in the United States?

— Should President Obama be honored or thrilled that Trump deigns to agree that he was born in the United States?

— Why does sarcasm, such as the previous question, drip? Is it wet?

— Shouldn’t CNN, Fox News and MSNBC send Trump a bill for the ad he got them to run for his new Washington hotel?

— Who really thinks Trump would pay that bill, either?

— Should Hillary Clinton offer Trump a $5 million donation to his, ahem, foundation if he can prove she started the birther movement?

— What possible negative question could I ask about Hillary Clinton so I can show “balance” after the Trump debacle of the last 24 hours? Or the last 13 months, for that matter?

— Does the fact that the first eight (now, nine) questions in this week’s 20 Questions show how pissed I am about Trump?

— How clueless did Samsung have to be for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to step in and conduct the recall of fire-possible Galaxy Note 7 phone?

— Do you think Christoph Waltz is wondering if he put a match to his career with those dopey Galaxy Note 7 commercials that ran during the Olympics?

— With the release of Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” movie, am I in a minority in not seeing this guy as any great hero?

— Does this New York Times piece on the new National African-American History and Culture make you as eager to go here as I am? 

— Why would any sane person go to Missouri after its legislature overrode the governor’s veto and enacted insane gun legislation? 

— Does anybody know the combination to the gym lock in my kitchen?

— As the Mets try to secure a National League Wild Card game berth, what team should I root for in their head-to-head series – the Giants, who are a game ahead of the Mets, or the Cardinals, who are a game behind?

— As good as the numbers were in this week’s Census Bureau report on income, poverty and health insurance coverage, won’t it be hard for Democrats to capitalize on something so wonky and abstract? 

— What becomes of the brokenhearted? (Third in a series of song-title questions)

— Have the leaves started to turn where you are?

— Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


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