1. It’s Tuesday, September 20, 2016. The election is 49 days away.

2. Hey Wrigley Co., the Skittles PR spokeswoman, Denise Young, deserves a raise.

Last night, Trump’s idiot similarly named offspring put out a tweet that showed a picture of a bowl of Skittles. It asked the question that if “I” said three of the candies were lethal, would you take a handful?

And then he said that’s our Syrian refugee problem.

Of course, social media is agog as such idiocy. Among stupid things, it probably makes certain that no one at Wrigley, the maker of Skittles, will vote for this gagootz’s father.

Clearly, Wrigley was going to have to weigh in. Ms. Young did so with a soberness that shows she’s far more ready to President of the United States than either Trump père or fils.

She wrote: “Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy. We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing.”

Just as “deplorables” might have fired up the Trump backers, Skittles might get the Clinton voters up in arms.

3. David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post has taken on the task of reporting about The Trump Foundation. So he’s already got a reserved spot in heaven.

What he’s found so far is pretty amazing.

That almost none of the charities the foundation claims to have supported say they’ve received any money from it. That Trump stopped donating money to the foundation several years ago, and has instead been donating money with a Trump imprimatur that was actually given by other people. That some of the money the foundation spent money on was used for objects – including a 6-foot portrait of Trump – for Trump’s personal use.

In today’s revelation, Fahrenthold says the foundation paid $258,000 to settle legal problems involving his for-profit businesses. That is a violation of law and pretty much goes against the whole moral purpose of foundations. 

It might be that the Skittles flap will do more damage to Trump’s campaign than Fahrenthold’s dogged reporting. That’s not the way it should be. Yes, the Skittles thing shows how clueless Trumptopia is.

But the corruption of the idea of charity that Trump has perpetrated for years is more insidious and disqualifying.

4. Here’s a reminder to would-be terrorists from wherever:

New Yorkers are descendants of the Jets and the Sharks of “West Side Story.” We don’t go crazy when something bad happens.

We play it cool.

New York didn’t shut down after Saturday’s explosion in Chelsea. The subways ran – except, perhaps, in the area around the blast site. The Mets played. Broadway shows were performed. There was a line at Shake Shack.

We just roll with it.

Because, in truth, that is strength. The bastards want us to be scared and roll up our lives.

The hell with them. By being New Yorkers in the same way Monday as we were Saturday, we give them the middle finger. All the work that went into putting together those bombs couldn’t stop us from being us.

And that, America, is why New Yorkers are about to reject a native son running for President in the most definitive way ever. Because he might have born here, but he has no idea how to be a New Yorker.


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