1. It’s Monday, September 26, 2016. The election is 43 days away.

2. OK. The debate is tonight. The polls are as tight as possible, and tighter than they should possibly be.

The fate of the nation rides on the shoulders of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I’m sure she doesn’t need my advice. This is an amazingly accomplished person. She is brilliant. She is a leader.

And that’s the point.

That’s what she needs to be. If she conducts herself like a President of the United States, she will be President of the United States. If she shows her smarts, if she has her facts straight, if she stands tall and unafraid, she will win this.

It’s not about the other guy, despite the bluster and the insults and the lies.

It’s about her. It’s about showing that she is the leader this nation and the world need.

She is the giant in this race, and her opponent is the pretender.

She has been waiting for this moment her entire life. It is time to seize it.


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