It’s September 23, 2016, just 46 days until the election.

And it’s time for 20 Questions Friday. I’ll ask questions of varying degrees of answerability You can do the answering. You can imagine what I would answer. You can scroll to the next tweet. It’s your choice.

— What Trump persona will show up at the debate Monday night?

— Will Hillary Clinton try to goad Trump into a stupidity eruption, or will she be smart and stick to telling people what she would do as President?

— Are you like me and checking fivethirtyeight.com’s election forecast every five minutes to see if Clinton’s position has improved?

— Is there a lot of pressure on Lester Holt or what?

— The back alley is a Midwestern thing, isn’t it?

— Was Chris Christie de facto convicted of obstruction of justice, since both the prosecution and defense in the George Washington Bridge lane closing trial say he knew about it in advance?

— Why would Democrats want to impeach Christie when they can have him be a punching bag as governor of New Jersey for another year plus?

— What do you think Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf did after getting a verbal spanking from Sen. Elizabeth Warren at a hearing on the bank’s cross-selling scandal?

— Will the Charlotte police ever release the video of the shooting of Keith Scott?

— While questioning an African-American man, do police officers ever think about the previous incidents that resulted in the person they’re questioning being dead?

— Has there been a day cool enough this September that inspired you to eat soup and drink warm beverages?

— Do other baseball teams put their fans go through the extreme highs and lows that the New York Mets do?

— Whoever thought eating Skittles would be a political statement?

— Is it just me, or is it still pretty amazing that it only took a day and a-half for the New York police and federal agents to find the guy they suspected of the Chelsea bombing?

— Does everybody remember that the guy is still just accused of the Chelsea bombing, and can’t be called the Chelsea bomber until the legal process is complete?

— How confident are you in anything Yahoo does if it didn’t know for two years that 500 million of its accounts had been hacked?

— Have you read any of David Fahrenthold’s reporting on the Trump “Foundation” for The Washington Post? If not, why not?

— On John Coltrane’s 90th birthday, what is your piece of his? Or favorite album?

— Do you want to know a secret? (Fourth in a series of song-title questions.)

— Did you get a patronus at pottermore.com? (Mine is a white mare)


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