1. It’s Thursday, October 13, 2016. The election is 26 days away.

2. The title is my contribution to the celebration of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in literature.

Has there ever been a Nobel literature winner whose work is as popularly known? Maybe Steinbeck, because so many people have read “The Grapes of Wrath.” Or Hemingway.

You can’t count Churchill, because his fame is as a political leader.

Anyway, Dylan fans have waited faithfully for this vindication of his literary chops. The tendency to dismiss him as “just a singer” never sat well with the true believers.

I’m not as rabid as some. But it’s hard not to like some song this man has written in the past 55 years. His triumph is a reason to smile.

Although, please don’t let that stupid IBM commercial run again.

3. Anti-Trump America is lighting up social media with all the revelations about sexual assault and Trump campaign’s litigious response.

Before we think that THIS is the last straw, remember that the “Access Hollywood” tape was the last straw, that the “that’s smart” he didn’t pay taxes was the last straw, that the phony foundation was the last straw, that the tweet storm against the former Miss Universe was the last straw, that trashing the Khans for a week was the last straw, that threatening to put his political opponent in jail was the last straw, etc.

There have been enough last straws to build a hut somewhere. As odious as Trump is, it doesn’t seem to affect his supporters. They are zombies drawn to his ranting.

So let me say it again: If there’s a tape of Trump trashing the people who support him, let’s see that.

The Lonesome Rhodes moment might be the only one that gets Trump close to being supported only by the racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites and misogynists Hillary Clinton was talking about when she mentioned “deplorables.”

Otherwise, we still have to endure 26 more days of this Trump crap.


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