It’s October 14, 2016. It’s 25 days until the election.

And it’s Friday, which means I’ll ask 20 questions. You can answer them. You can be amused. You can ignore them.

Hear me out:

— Does Michelle Obama really think she’s going to stay out of politics after she leaves the White House?

— Is English a second language for Trump?

— Were there no public speaking opportunities at those military schools Trump went to as a kid?

— Given their passion for the information released by WikiLeaks, do you think Trump supporters also look for bargains on TV sets and jewelry that “fell off the truck”?

— Is there going to be a day this month when there isn’t an October surprise?

— After seeing the “Access Hollywood” tape, is there anyone who’s not going to bust out laughing every time Trump says he has the temperament to be president?

— Tell the truth – did you know the name of Thailand’s king who just died?

— What Bob Dylan song should the Nobel committee play at the award ceremony in December?

— Will Dylan make a speech in Stockholm? Will he wear something formal?

— Can the Cubs overcome the final obstacle – the Dodgers – to get to their first World Series in my lifetime?

— If you’ve read The New York Times’ stories on the victims of U.S. torture in the war on terror, do they make as sick to your stomach as mine?

— Do you grill outdoors all year long, or is there a date when you put the stuff away?

— How long will it take to get North Carolina back to normal after all the flooding from Hurricane Matthew?

— Did the leaves in your neighborhood all seem to start changing color on Monday?

— Are you hoping we can avoid getting further involved in the Yemen conflict?

— Is there somewhere we can nickel-and-dime Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf so that we can get back some of the $130 million he’s taking away in forced retirement? Maybe open some fake accounts in his name?

— Didn’t Samsung test the Galaxy Note 7 for, say, being a fire hazard before putting it out on the market?

— Have you ever heard a rhetorical answer?

— Who let the dogs out? (seventh in a series of song-title questions)

— Will lifting the ban on Cuban cigars raise President Obama’s approval rating into the 70s?


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