It’s November 11, 2016, Veteran’s Day.

And it’s time for 20 Questions Friday, my effort to shape the end of this absolutely crazy week in American history in interrogatory form.

Try to enjoy this weekend.

— Will Trump’s Attorney General follow through on a campaign promise and appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton?

— Should President Obama try to protect Clinton by pardoning her before he leaves office?

— How can we convince the people protesting Trump’s election that, for now, what they’re doing is counter-productive because it keeps the Trump supporters in their riled-up state?

— On the other hand, aren’t the protesters just following the example that Republicans and the Trump trumpeters set?

— In what way does bringing Washington lobbyists into Trump’s transition team and administration change the direction of Washington?

— Does anybody remember any questions in the debates about whether Trump would back Paul Ryan’s proposals to make Medicare a voucher system and privatize Social Security? Or do we only remember the umpteen questions about Clinton’s e-mails?

— Do you think the people in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who voted for Trump are going to be thrilled when the low-cost health care they’ve been promised after age 65 comes with strings attached?

— Are you wondering if it was Trump who got the “Access Hollywood” tape released so that we’d talk about that instead of real issues, about which he had no clue?

— Do you feel as though you wasted a significant chunk of your life that you’ll never get back checking the fivethirtyeight.com election forecast?

— Will the reporters in the front row of Trump’s first news conference as president – assuming he ever has a news conference – be from Fox, Breitbart, Newsmax, Infowars and the National Enquirer?

— Should New York Mayor Bill de Blasio delete the city’s database of undocumented immigrants?

— Would you be willing to harbor an undocumented immigrant in the event Trump follows through on his mass deportation idea?

— Is California Gov. Jerry Brown the new leader of the Free World?

— What do you think will be the capital of the resistance: New York, Los Angeles or some other city?

— Does this election upend the idea that the North won the Civil War and the U.S. won the Cold War?

— When you hear some politician or business leader say that everything will be all right, do you want to shake him/her?

— Will Trump gold-plate everything in the White House? (For a great look at his trashy hotel three blocks up the street, read my former colleague Emily Jane Fox’s Vanity Fair story.) 

— Why aren’t we as relieved that this election is over as we thought we’d be?

— How will I laugh tomorrow? (Tenth in a series of song-title questions)

— Will this sick feeling ever leave my stomach?


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