1. It’s Saturday, November 12, 2016.

2. Again, I’m not a fan of the protests against Trump’s election.

Yes, I’m sympathetic – and angry. But all the protests do is rile up the Trumpistas (I don’t believe my inability to settle on one name for Trump’s supporters is the reason the jackass won, but it does trouble me).

The day will come in the Trump years that the people who voted for him will be on our side. Wait until then.

And here’s something that really bothers me: One of those leading the protests in Miami is a supporter of Jill Stein.

So here’s my message to this clown: You can’t have voted for Jill Stein and be mad that Trump won!

Jill Stein was never going to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton had a chance. If you really hated Trump, Clinton was your only option. And you have no credence being upset – you knew when you voted for Stein that you were risking a Trump win. Or you were an idiot.

3. Some Clinton supporters in their despair are hoping the Electoral College will reverse the gloom and choose her instead of him.

Their reasoning, if that’s the right word, is that because Clinton won the popular vote, she should win. And the electors will see the wisdom in that and do the right thing.

Which, of course, it isn’t.

Yeah, it sucks that Clinton, as of this writing, got 574,064 more votes than Trump and didn’t win. If that holds, she gets a place in history as having the biggest popular vote margin without winning, surpassing the 543,895 margin of Al Gore over George W. Bush.

But, alas, that’s not how we elect our presidents. It’s a federal system, meaning each state gets an individual say through the electors chosen Tuesday. Those electors are going to do what the people of their state told them to do.

And if, by some quirk, you could find 37 faithless electors, why would you want the crisis that would unfold?

Trump would claim the system was rigged and the most non-violent protests you’re seeing against him would be full-scale rioting against her. A Republican Congress would make the lack of cooperation President Obama got seem like a lovefest.

She’d be a powerless president. That’s not what any of us want for the first woman in the White House.

Unfortunately, we’ll all just have to wait.

4. There was one issue about which Trump and Clinton agreed: The nation needs a massive infrastructure rebuild.

And I’m betting that the first priority when he takes office.

Why? Because it’s popular.

Everybody laments the crappy roads and bridges they use to get to work or play. Lots of folks have a bad water story – even in the leafy suburbs. Fixing all that gets a big thumbs up.

And infrastructure puts lots of people to work, spurring the economy. If Trump follows through on his other promises, that’s going to counter the damage he’ll do dismantling trade agreements and pissing off the rest of the world.

When President Obama proposed massive infrastructure as a stimulus to blast us out of the Great Recession, he faced obstruction from Republicans. They claimed it was big government interference and dragged their feet.

That caused the package that passed to be smaller than he desired, and limited the boost to the economy.

But one thing we’ve learned in this election is that Republicans will gladly burn principles to stay in power. Trump will get support from enough Republicans to go with that of idealistic Democrats and get whatever size package he wants through.

It will be distasteful for Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to help Trump. But Democrats shouldn’t sacrifice beliefs for political expediency. That would make them Republicans.

And, believe me, there will be other fights worth fighting.


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