1. It’s Thursday, December 8, 2016.

2. It’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a Christian holy day.

The immaculate conception, in this case, does not apply to Jesus – it applies to his mother, Mary, who needed to be conceived without original sin so she could deliver the son of God.

That’s as much theology as I care to get into right now. In fact, it’s more.

3. With Trump’s pick to run the EPA, Oklahoma’s oil-nuts attorney general Scott Pruitt, here’s what I expect next Earth Day:

I expect a parade of Trumpophiles to march to the nearest river, preferably one that has remained pristine, and each dump a gallon of gas into it.

Good old polluted water, just like America had the last time it was great.

4. This jackass’ Cabinet picks are Orwellian in their awfulness.

So here’s a reminder: Concentrate on one thing to get upset about – AND THEN DO SOMETHING TO TRY TO STOP IT.

If what Trump is going to do to the environment bothers you most of all, focus on the environment. Let someone else focus on abortion, Medicare, Obamacare, education and all the other things they want to destroy.

Here’s why: As of this writing, there are 2,676,029 more of us than there are of them. Remind Trump and his sycophants of that every chance you get.

5. A lot of Trumpophiles were in awe of Trump’s Carrier deal last week.

He had saved all those jobs from going to Mexico. What a hero! Working like a President even before he takes the oath.

But there’s always fine print.

And that’s what the head of the United Steelworkers Union local found out. Of the 1,100 jobs Trump claimed to be saving from heading south, 300 were administrative positions that were never Mexico-bound in the first place.

Furthermore, Carrier is still taking 600 jobs to Mexico.

The union official, Chuck Jones, dared to complain about this arrangement on CNN last night. 

Shortly thereafter, the world’s most dangerous Twitter account sprang into action.

Trump took to the phone to blast Jones, saying he’s done a terrible job representing the people who voted him to run their local. A while later, Trump – who pundits call the voice for American workers who feel disenfranchised – told the union to spend more time working and less time talking.

That’s hardly a populist message. That, by definition, is oligarchy.

That also is not surprising. Trump is out for Trump. The business elite are his kind of people. What else do you expect?

Someday, Trump will shove the wrong person. Maybe it’ll be Chuck Jones. Maybe it’ll be someone else.

I was waiting for Trump’s Lonesome Rhodes moment to come during the campaign. Perhaps it’ll come in his administration.


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