It’s December 9, 2016, Kirk Douglas’ 100th birthday (the title of this absolutely does not apply to him!), and time for 20 Questions Friday.

I’ll ask questions that are on my mind. Maybe you have a good answer. Maybe you don’t. It’s a good way to pass a December Friday, and a chance for me to wish you a terrific weekend.

So here goes:

— Does it make any sense to pick an Environmental Protection Agency director who doesn’t have much use for the Environmental Protection Agency?

— Does it make any sense to pick a Labor Secretary who wants to replace human workers at his fast-food chains with robots?

— After most presidential campaigns, don’t the winners usually make efforts to reconcile the country rather than continue to divide it?

— Is there any doubt Trump will end his presidency richer than when he started it?

— Why does it seem as though the head of a Steelworkers’ local in Indiana is the wrong guy for Trump to pick on? #ImWithChuck

— Who, besides me, is a fan of white pizza?

— Is there any nonvirtual store that still sells 3.5-inch floppy disks? Or the 5.25-inch ones, for that matter?

— What is it about women that makes the Ohio Legislature so contemptuous? 

— What other kinds of nog are there other than egg?

— Bruce Springsteen and U2 showed up at Obama’s inaugural concert in 2009. Who do you think Trump will cough up?

— Isn’t it amazing that they can still work on big construction projects when it’s cold?

— Do you hate snow?

— Do you wonder if when Vince Guaraldi wrote the music for “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in 1965 that he thought people 51 years later would think there couldn’t be a holiday season without it?

— What do you think we’re doing wrong that the nation’s death rate went up last year?

— Did you share that Facebook video of your year in review?

— What big city is as hard to get to from its suburbs as New York?

— What’s your favorite Kirk Douglas movie? (I would answer “Ace in the Hole,” the darkest movie made about journalism) 

— Do you miss baseball?

— What’s the use of wond’rin’? (fourteenth in a series of song-title questions)

— Has there ever been an American who lived up to this country’s image of a hero as John Glenn


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