1. It’s Tuesday, January 24, 2017. It’s the birthday of Oral Roberts and John Belushi.

2. Apparently, it really bothers Trump that he got 2,864,974 fewer votes than Hillary Clinton.

In a meeting with Congressional leaders yesterday, he repeated the flat-out lie that he would have won the popular vote if millions of illegal immigrants didn’t cast ballots.

There is no evidence of even one illegal immigrant casting a vote.

There’s lots of reasons to hate Trump – we’ll discuss one in a moment. But giving credence to your labeling him a pathological liar by pathologically lying about something easily disproved is sick. It’s a self-inflicted wound.

And it’s something to keep in mind any time he claims anything in the next 1,457 days. That number, like the 2,864,974, is also a fact. Unfortunately.

3. One of the things Trump did yesterday was sign an executive order stating the United States will no longer provide funding for international organizations that aid in legal abortions.

This was, perhaps, Trump’s way of sticking his middle finger at the 3-million-plus people who participated in Saturday’s Women’s Marches around the nation and world.

Sadly, this means these organizations – which help poor women get the health services they desperately need – must either not help those women choose whether to have an abortion or not take funds vital to their existence.

It’s an imposition of the values of the minority that won this election on the rest of the world. And, in reality, it will do nothing to stop women who feel compelled to end a pregnancy for whatever reason – health, safety or choice – from getting that abortion. 

Now, of course, there’s a better chance of that abortion being done in an unsafe manner. As one critic of yesterday’s action put it, a return to “coat hanger medicine.” And instead of being, as they say, pro-life, the proponents of this crap are actually doing more to hurt and potentially kill women.

This is the first salvo in the so-called religious right’s new drive to end legal abortion. Their hypocrisy on this stuff – see their support of a womanizing candidate for president – is plain to all.

So is the fact that no matter what happens – even if Roe v. Wade were somehow overturned – what they do won’t end abortion. Just like the 2,864,974 more people who voted for Hillary Clinton, and the fact that Trump won the Electoral College, that’s a reality that won’t change.


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