1. It’s Thursday, February 9, 2017. It’s the birthday of Carole King and Mookie Wilson – both the pride of New York.

2. It’s snowing here. Big time.

It was 62 degrees yesterday around 2 p.m. Now, at 9:49 a.m., there’s about 6 inches of snow on the ground.

3. Yesterday’s Senate confirmation of Jeff Sessions is also confirmation that there are people itching to undo the nation’s advancements in civil rights.

It seems more and more obvious that the folks who responded to Trump’s pledge to make America great again were thinking about the time before black people asserted their desire to share in this nation’s promise. Before Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Maybe even before Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis and Duke Ellington.

These people believe that, back when America was supposed great, black people – and their fellow travelers, the Asians, Muslims and Hispanics – knew their place. And it wasn’t going into the institutions – work, school, store, arena – where white people felt comfortable.

If you don’t think Trump’s election was the last attempt of a white-dominated society to fend off the inevitable in this country – the changing demographic that will make the collected “other people” the nation’s majority – you missed the point. That’s what it was all about.

The people who supported this jackass – some of whom still have his campaign signs on their front lawns – were doing it to get back at black people for daring to seek an equitable society.

And they found their voice in a self-proclaimed multibillionaire – we still don’t know, because we haven’t seen his taxes – who saw an opportunity by pandering to them.

Now, we’re stuck with him. And he sees a way to ensure the loyalty of the scared by putting people like Jeff Sessions into power. With full control of Congress, nothing stands in the way.

4. Except our voices.

Protests get under Trump’s skin – just look at his insane Twitter feed. And they’re jolting the people who support him.

They’ve seen how effective protests against injustice have been in the past – there’s an almost 60-year history of success in making strides. Those strides include the African-American president who sent these people into a tizzy eight years ago.

Some have pointed out the irony of what’s happened in the Senate the past couple of days.

That a white female senator could be barred from speaking because she read a 30-year-old letter from the widow of a black civil rights leader.

That the letter was aimed at preventing a racist – who was nominated for attorney general – from a judgeship.

And that the racist was confirmed as AG during Black History Month.

Yes, today, as I look out the window, there’s a lot of white stuff dominating the day.

The good news is that it melts. Sometimes slowly, sometimes with the help of a 62-degree day. And the world emerges more vibrant.

Let that sustain us as we fight Sessions, Trump and the rest of the effort to turn back our nation’s progress.


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