1. It’s Friday, February 10, 2017.

2. Today is the 50th anniversary of the ratification of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Speaking of which, you might be hearing the term Section 4 a lot these days.

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment allows a president’s cabinet and vice president to determine that a president is unable to discharge his duties and suspend him from office. The vice president would become acting president.

Both houses of Congress would then vote to determine if the president is able to resume his duties or if the acting president should continue in office.

3. Right now, it seems clear to about half the country that, for the last three weeks, the Oval Office has been occupied by someone clearly unable to adequately discharge his duties.

The problem is that another almost half the country believes the guy in the Oval Office is doing just fine.

That group includes the majorities in both houses of Congress, the vice president and the Cabinet of creatures the unfit president appointed.

I don’t understand why Trump and the Republicans think bullying their way to ruling, not governing, was going to make their life better or easier. This administration’s mandate to lead grows weaker and weaker.

And it’s coupled with a level of incompetence and corruption that makes what’s transpired before this seem petty.

Is it possible that Trump supporters – people who screamed about Washington establishment members enriching themselves – can’t see the impropriety of a private company profiting from the nation’s highest office?

Don’t these people feel like they’ve scratched their fingernails on a blackboard when they hear a White House spokeswoman tell people to buy the president’s daughter’s product line?

Don’t they understand that it’s not OK for a Michael Flynn, weeks before a new administration takes office, to give a wink to a foreign power when the sitting U.S. government is sanctioning it?

Are there really people who believe that, after a court unanimously upholds a temporary restraint on the immigration rules, that TWEETING IN CAPITAL LETTERS WILL CHANGE THINGS? 

I guess so.

4. So even if half the country is ready for Mike Pence – a petty jerk in his own right – to become the 46th President of the United States tomorrow, it ain’t happening.

Because there are people who still think this – what we’re going through right now – is what this nation should be. They think we’re purging the elites and getting government’s yoke off the hard-working little guy.

Which is the opposite of what’s happening.

But while that disconnect continues, Article 25, Section 4 will remain under glass, ready to be used when this all finally gets to be too much.

If the republic survives to that point.

5. Yes, there’s a clamoring for Rosie O’Donnell to play Steve Bannon on tomorrow’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Yes, O’Donnell is a talented comic actress. Her portrayal of Doris, the third basewoman in “A League of Their Own,” is forever etched in baseball lore.

And yes, her new Twitter profile picture makes her look quite remarkably like Trump’s Rasputin.

But if she does play Bannon on SNL, brace yourself for disappointment.

For one thing, the Melissa McCarthy portrayal of Sean Spicer is fresh in everyone’s mind. And that was pretty amazing – Spicer can no longer appear without people thinking about it. I suspect he now knows how Sarah Palin feels about Tina Fey.

Those are high bars for O’Donnell to vault. Along with the fact that Alex Baldwin, who might do the whole show as Trump, is hosting.

So I won’t be disappointed if she doesn’t show up, or if she does and it falls short of expectations. Or if Leslie Jones plays Bannon. Or – here’s my choice to really get under his skin – Natalie Portman, who’s however many months pregnant.

But if O’Donnell is there, I will join the rest of you in cheering her on. At the very least, it will piss off Trump and Bannon.

I can dig that.


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