1. It’s Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

2. It’s the 55th anniversary of the Munich Olympic massacre, when nine Israeli athletes were murdered by terrorists who had abducted them the previous day.

There are few events in history as disgusting. The only grace is the dignity with which the Israeli athletes conducted themselves in the final hours of their lives. They are the only heroes.

3. This is the day the United States begins to feel the impact of Hurricane Irma, one of the worst Atlantic storms ever.

No, it won’t hit Florida today. Florida won’t see this storm until Sunday, which it when it forecast to strike the Keys and then move on to the peninsula.

But the storm reaches our country when it either touches or skirts the United States Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Those people are Americans and we should be as worried about their safety and welfare as we were when Harvey was about to lash Texas nearly two weeks ago.

My fear is we won’t. Or, rather, our alleged government won’t.

This is especially true in Puerto Rico. It’s never good to get hit with a Category 5 hurricane, but it’s even worse when there’s a Category 5 financial crisis.

The commonwealth filed the nation’s largest-ever municipal bankruptcy this spring, reflecting years of economic decline that has reduced services and led to a flight of workers to the mainland.

There has been little indication that Washington is willing to help. You know Trump isn’t the least bit interested in it – especially since a golf course on the island that bore his name filed for bankruptcy two years ago.

Puerto Rico’s governor says the commonwealth has money to use to protect against the storm and begin a recovery. But a storm with winds of 155 miles an hour is going to do big-time damage to an infrastructure already crippled by a weak economy.

Coupled with a drain of talented people to help in the recovery, Puerto Rico is staring at some dismal days and weeks.

That’s something I hope we all remember when the time comes. We don’t know what damage Irma will do to Florida. But you can bet there will be massive efforts to raise funds to help akin to those that have – understandably – raised millions to help Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.

That same effort, that same passion, is needed to help people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands if, as feared, the worst comes to pass.

And we shouldn’t just need Carlos Beltran and Ricky Martin to tell us that. Puerto Ricans are our fellow Americans.

When they need help, they’re not foreigners.

They’re us.

4. It’s the day after Trump’s DACA Debacle and the fire is still burning. Now it’s one day less than six months until the Gestapo wannabes at ICE are unleashed on kids who’ve known no country other than the United States.

Again, it is a simple matter. There’s no crisis that warrants this abuse. There are no jobs that these people are stealing from others. There’s no rampant criminality among Dreamers, as some bubble brains spit out.

If anything, more than a few of those facing deportation are already out of the country – they’re in the uniform of the U.S. military in Afghanistan and around the world.

This is something we should at least complain about every single day, and do all we can to stop from happening on March 5, 2018.


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