1. It’s Monday, September 25, 2017

2. Holy cow, it’s the 100th birthday of Phil Rizzuto!

This isn’t a full blog post – I won’t be posting as often this fall due to the demands of my writing class.

3. But I wanted to remind everyone – perhaps even the president of the United States – that Puerto Rico isn’t just some island in the Caribbean.

It’s part of the United States.

(I know. I’ve said this before.)

So if we’re wondering when Puerto Rico is going to get help recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, we’re wondering when our own country is going to help its own people.

And yet.

Trump spent a weekend going after athletes who don’t tow his line, but did nothing to rally support for people whose president he is.

The New York Times ran six stories on its front page this morning. Two stories on the protests by NFL players. One about buses in New York City. Zero about the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Ricans need our help. Big time. No place, perhaps in the history of this planet, has been devastated by a hurricane as Puerto Rico has. Its people have no power, no food, no water, no fuel – as well as a whole lot of destruction and a rising death toll.

So it’s up to us to help.

Here’s the link to Global Giving’s fund to help hurricane survivors: . It’s way behind its goal of $2 million – the same organization mustered $3.5 million for Harvey victims earlier this month.

Help if you can. Our fellow Americans are hurting.


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