1. It’s Friday, November 3, 2017.

2. It’s Lulu’s 69th birthday.

Fifty years ago, she sang the year’s most popular song, “To Sir, with Love.” It was the title song of a film in which she co-starred with the “Sir” of the film, Sidney Poitier, who played a teacher at a London school.

By the way, she’s still at it. According to her Web site(!), she’s performing tonight in Northampton, England.

One thing really stuck out to me about the heinous Republican tax cut proposal unleashed yesterday.

3. Republicans really hate young people.

There are at least two ways in which the proposal these wannabe-archvillain-gangmembers-in- a-bad-superhero-movie stick it to people under 35.

First, as my former CNNMoney colleague Katie Lobosco reports, the plan eliminates a student loan interest tax deduction.

So many young people are in debt – some of them deeply – to pay for their college degrees. This deduction, while it’s about as modest as it gets, gives a little bit of help to about 12 million debtors.

At most, it’s $625 a student. But $625 could be one or two monthly payments a year.

And here’s the thing: We’re taking this away from young people who could use even a little help to lower the taxes of people who already have everything paid for – and then some.

4. The second shaft comes in the form of capping the mortgage interest deduction.

In general, people who are older own their homes already. My wife and I used that deduction for 30 years – and now our house is paid off.

We can’t use the deduction anymore. But we also don’t have any more mortgage payments, so it’s fine.

If you’re a young family trying to buy instead of rent, capping this deduction means is that you won’t be able to take advantage of it the same way we did. At some point, you can’t take the deduction anymore.

That might not be a problem in a place that’s cheap. But if you want to live in the New York area, or near Los Angeles, or Chicago, or Boston, where the cool jobs and the interesting people are, you’re out of luck.

At some point, more of the burden falls on you – probably right around the time when, if you’ve had kids, they’re thinking about going to college.

Young people didn’t vote for Trump. Dynamic parts of this country don’t vote Republican. The two have decided to stick it to them with this tax proposal.

5. As much as this clown is attuned to social media – except for 11 blissful minutes yesterday – Trump has never shown much interest in the problems and issues of young people in this country.

Neither does his base. I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that most of them are over 40 and live in parts of the country young people flee because they hold so little opportunity.

And don’t think young people don’t resent it. Trump can’t show his puss on most campuses in this country. Even in states that went for him. Can you imagine Trump at Ann Arbor? Chapel Hill? Austin?

So as a Democrat, it’s essential to keep trying to mobilize voters between 18 and 35. Keep hammering the points I made above and others about such issues as women’s rights, social justice and opportunity.

We’re a country that has, until now, prided itself on its youth. On this picture of how young people drive change and make society better.

Now, with Trump and the Republicans, the emphasis is on shielding those who have from those who want. And to make it seem as though those who almost have need to be afraid of those who aren’t quite as close.

I teach, so I believe in the power of young people. I’m looking forward to the day when, again, our government does the same.



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