1. It’s Monday, November 6, 2017.

2. It’s the day before the off-year election.

About a week ago, I offered a litany of Trump sins, crimes and abuses against this country.

And I said that for some of us, there’s an opportunity to get back at him and the sewage that surrounds him.

It’s not going to be much. It’s not going to be enough.

But it is an opportunity we need to take. Or else we have no right to complain about the treachery around us.

3. That opportunity is your local or, in the cases of New Jersey and Virginia, state election.

You see, Trumpism didn’t show up on that escalator in June 2015.

It’s been building. It’s been the modus operandi of the Republican Party since at least the Nixon era.

This effort to divide and conquer. This idea that being an American is being white, male and older. The notion that people need to be ruled and not share in their government.

It crops up constantly. It’s an embarrassment to our democracy.

And it leads to the kind of crap that the past few days encapsulates.

A tax plan that’s so rigged toward the wealthy that it equates to making every working person take up a collection for needy billionaires.

An administration so corrupt that its Commerce Secretary is economically tied to Russians who are subject to American sanctions. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/05/world/wilbur-ross-russia.html

An escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula that’s moved the world closer to nuclear war.

And then, of course, yesterday’s demonstration that the sucking up to gun interests puts everyone in danger – another 26 people killed by someone who had no business carrying a weapon as lethal as an AR-15.

It makes you angry, doesn’t it?

4. So do something.

There are obvious targets.

In Virginia, a slimeball named Ed Gillespie is the Republican candidate for governor. Gillespie is prime, grade-A sleaze – he’s the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

In his campaign against Democrat Ralph Northam, he’s pulled out so many dog whistles that he’s turning Virginia from a commonwealth to a kennel. Even the fact NFL players kneel for the anthem – as if that has anything to do with Virginia.

In New Jersey, Kim Guadagno is a reminder of Joe Louis’ great adage – she can try to run away from her record as Chris Christie’s lieutenant, but she can’t hide.

This is a twofer for Jerseyans – not only can they get at Trump by voting for Democrat Phil Murphy, they alsp can stick it to Christie, one of the worst governors in the state’s history.

5. But it’s not just the governors.

Any local politician who wears the Republican label embraces Trumpism and the miserable excuse for leadership we’ve seen in 2017.

So the Republican running for the town board or the school board or highway superintendent is complicit in the arrogance and incompetence.

Where I live is an example.

In most places, when you lift a rock, you find worms and pillbugs slithering about.

In Rockland County, N.Y., when you lift a rock, you find Ed Day.

He barely won election four years ago as Rockland’s county executive, relying on anti-Semitic dog whistles to defeat his Democratic opponent.

This year, he’s up against Maureen Porette, a very determined attorney.

In the process, Day has refused to show up to several debates. And, in a mailing, he released some of Porette’s personal records.

Day’s one of those Republican jokers whose only policy idea is cutting taxes. Working toward making the country more attractive and affordable to young people and families, improving a 19th century transportation system, and helping solve the rising problems of homelessness and poverty are clearly not his concern.

Because that tax cut thing is like the Sirens to Odyssus, Day has a good shot of winning. Young people abandon Rockland, leaving it to older people who fear their limited resources are getting whittled away.

Ed Day shouldn’t. He was Trump before Trump ran. He’ll wring his hands of Trump if it gets him a vote. But his county party actually hosted Roger Stone recently, so don’t worry about fealty to the traitor corps.

And that’s just one of them.

If a candidate – no matter how small the office – embraces the Republican label, he or she embraces Trump.

Make them pay for that. The more Republicans lose local office tomorrow, the more irritated Trump and his tame congressional henchmen will be.

That will be a start.


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