It’s Saturday, March 28, 2020.

I’m supposed to be going to see the Mets raise their record to 2-and-0 by beating the Washington Nationals at Citi Field. It’s Pete Alonso Rookie of the Year Bobblehead Day.

But, by 4 p.m. ET, it’ll be raining too hard to play. Also, the season is delayed by COVID-19.

The rainout means the Mets’ No. 2 starter, Noah Syndergaard, won’t throw the second no-hitter and first perfect game in franchise history. 

That, and the elbow surgery he underwent Thursday that keeps him from pitching until next year.

A lot of folks seem miffed, shocked or amused by the report that Trump sought guidance on the coronavirus crisis from Alex Rodriguez.

My thought: A-Rod knows more about how to deal with this than Larry Kudlow or Peter Navarro. How much worse can he be?

When this is over, there should be a few things:

— A ticker tape down Broadway for the people who work in hospitals, supermarkets, take-out establishments, drug stores. As well as the police, firefighters, EMTs and – often forgotten – sanitation workers.

— Awards for the most clever short videos created during this crisis.

Here’s my nominee for today. It helps if you’ve seen “The Irishman.”  https://twitter.com/FrankCaliendo/status/1243696008325816320?s=20

Here’s what’s playing on my iTunes playlist right now: “The Heat Is On,” by Glenn Frey.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZD8HKVKneI

Today should have been the 52nd birthday of Iris Chang. 

She’s the New Jersey native who wrote two seminal books about China – “The Rape of Nanking,” a brilliant work that revealed atrocities committed by the Japanese during World War II, and “The Chinese in America.”

Chang was working on a book about another horrific event of World War II, the Bataan Death March, when she became ill with depression. 

After a stay in a psychiatric hospital, she returned home to the West Coast – but committed suicide in November 2004.

My point in bringing up this – instead of the other cute things I could point out about something that happened on another March 28 – is a reminder how fragile we all are.

Especially now. Especially when we can’t get out as freely as we’d like and see people who can reaffirm us and help. 

Especially when we’re faced with so much pain and sickness and death that sometimes it feels apocalyptic. 

Success and fame – such as Iris Chang attained – are no cures. 

Talking it through with a loved one, a professional therapist or a minister. Looking for beauty – even on a gray March day with a lot of rain. Understanding that you’re not alone, even in this time of self-quarantine.

This is hard. Don’t minimize that. Try to understand how others are feeling but, as important, try to understand how you’re feeling. 

We’ll get through this. But not without a few rainouts.


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