1. It’s Friday, February 13, 2015. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Monday is Presidents Day. Thursday is Chinese New Year.

2.   David Carr’s recounting his intersection of addiction and parenting caught my attention when The New York Times published it in 2008. It was honest and unflinching, evoking not pity or scorn but relief and even a little joy that this thoughtful man had made it to this point in life.

His media column has been one of the Times’ biggest and best attractions, and he has been adored by his peers and his competitors.

I didn’t know him, but I’m saddened by his sudden death and I feel for his family and colleagues.

3.   Just like the biblical battle of Jericho, Alabama’s walls against same-sex marriage keep tumbling down. After a federal court ruling yesterday, more counties are issuing licenses to couples willing to make a legal commitment to each other based on love, trust and respect.

I’m sure Alabama’s chief justice, a big believer in the Bible from what we understand, appreciates what’s going on. He should also keep in mind that nobody remembers the name of Joshua’s counterpart, except that he got slaughtered with the rest of them.

4.   I don’t know what to make of President Obama’s kinda weird BuzzFeed video. The leader of the free world makes funny faces in a mirror, plays air basketball and takes a picture of himself with a selfie stick. He also is unable to dunk a cookie in a glass of milk and, like his critics who blame him for everything, exclaims “Thanks, Obama.”

There’s supposed to be method in the madness — the president is trying to get young people to sign up for health care. It worked last year with the wacky “Between Two Ferns” interview with Zach Galifianakis. Last year, his, um, acting was better.

But if it works, I guess he might as well have a good time doing it.

5.   It’s going to snow Saturday night into Sunday.

Thanks, Obama.


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