1. The National Weather Service need not apologize for the fact that the New York area did not get several inches of snow last night. For one thing, I was able to get home from a family gathering without incident. For another, it’s weather – stuff happens.

So far this winter, when NWS has erred about big storms, it has erred on the side of caution. It might disappoint idiots when the snow doesn’t materialize. But if it saves lives by making people more careful, it’s noble work.

2. I first saw selfie sticks in Seoul last fall, and knew they’d be a worldwide phenomenon. Now, major art museums are banning them for fear that careless photographers might damage the works. I think the museums are missing an opportunity — they’re smart people, they should create selfie-stick zones and rent the things out so that you can take your picture with a masterpiece.

3. There’s another thoughtful Frank Bruni opinion piece in today’s New York Times. This one is on the dubious link between religion and politics. Mr. Bruni is becoming a must-read for people looking for intelligent, enlightened commentary, agreeing with him or otherwise.


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